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Darren Casey - Let's talk

The 'secret weapon' to MANY of the top performers in business, to access their best, efficiently 

33, Manchester UK, 16 years success, 21+ Certification's, 20k coaching sessions delivered,

230k lbs of fat destroyed  

Creator of the 'RAPID METHOD' for buys high performing guys/

Darren Casey is the 'Secret Weapon' behind some of the most sucessfull business owners you probably know.

With 16 years experience in the real world coaching busy guys through a transformation, not just in their body, but in how they live, perceive their wellness and how they SEE themselves.

Darren Casey - Let's talk

A list of over 21+ qualifications, a Black Belt and 11x National Karate Champ etc ..

Yet those are not as valuable as the real world 16 years experience, along with a daily pursuit of self improvement, personally investing well over $100k+ this past few years on OPTIMISING efficiency in myself to thus, share those breakthroughs and cutting edge developments with , you.

I only coach busy men, entrepreneurs, business owners, high performers [or those committed to BEING a higher performer]

That's it.

Darren Casey - Let's talk

His background started when Darren saw 'The Karate Kid' movie, aged 9. Just 1 year later, he received his first belt! From 11-14, competed nationally and won a spot on the England Karate Team, aged 14. Then onto the England Adult Karate Team, aged just 16!

Wining many National and British Championships, Darren organically pursued a career in the Sport Rehab and Personal Training. 

From there he started his own business in a high end health club, aged 21. Ever since, Darren has invested in himself, with a daily commitment and international travel learning from and sharing his knowledge the world over. With 55,000 miles travelled in 2015 alone. he has created many unbelievable transformations. 

Darren has appeared on various media, interviewed on many podcasts and seen on TV, Sky Sports, National Radio including the BBC, Contributed articles in many online media channels including Huffington Post, BT Lifestyle, DailyMail.  

There is more!

Darren has spoke at several events this year, including in Greece at well renowned International School run by entrepreneurs xxx about innovative lifestyle optimisation to the upcoming leaders of the modern world.

As well as at events in New York City, contribution his insights as a speaker, as well as being interviewed by THE top online expert in the Fitness Industry, Ryan Lee for his Re Launch back to the fitness space, Ryan called Darren in for for a private in person 60 minute detailed interview in New York, as one of a few trusted influencers. 

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Darren also run his own event in San Diego [the 3 day shred] ! A 3 day experience, in 2 beach houses, with major breakthroughs in an inclusive environment, with ongoing support. A real fun, transformational event.

2015 saw Darren launch 'Fit Entrepreneur Magazine' where his intention is to change the toxic 'hustle culture' of the modern day business owner, sabotaging their wellness, relationships and freedom for wealth...

Here Darren interviews some of THE most successful business owners and entrepreneurs, who THRIVE in health and business, giving readers invaluable insights into the connections between wellness and financial abundance, healthy relationships and self worth, directly from those performing at the very top. The Podcast, Fit Entrepreneur Podcast, introduced by the Queen of England herself! Is coming soon! Oh.. one of the recent guest is the amazing SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR Jesse Itzler... Co owner of the 'Atlanta Hawks' - who hired a Navy Seal to live with him for 30 days! [His wife, Creator of Spanks' you can be sure Jesse exudes abundance! 

The 'Rapid Side Effect Method' is the system I've created. It takes 12-20 minutes and encompasses a nutrition protocol that's simple and yields optimum mental and physical function, low cognitive load (it's simple) and yields rapid results.​

The 'Rapid Side Effect Method' is the system I've created. It takes 12-20 minutes and encompasses a nutrition protocol that's simple and yields optimum mental and physical function, low cognitive load (it's simple) and yields rapid results.That's only a fraction of the real benefits.The real benefits are the connections between the other facets of the approach that's proving to yield the highest return of progress...Including...- mindset + behaviour change for high levels of implementation- visualisation- nutrition timing- focus and energy amplification (simple 'go to' methods I use)- flexible 'on the road' back ups- 7 day focus of goal oriented outcomes set around 12 weeks of planning.- the daily support and accountability to ensure he stays on track and overcomes roadblock along the wayWith the blueprint we create that becomes his 'new norm' that yields optimum results...As the side effect 

Darre created the Rapid Method.

A transformation experience, optimising all areas of your life. An evolution from 16 years success coaching busy guys to unleash a body that they feel confident in...

The guys I coach, want to - Finally -  FIX this area of their life, to experience better than average, they want excellence -

Look great naked, their wife notices, their friends notice and THEY walk with uber confidence.

- Access high energy, focus and performance - all day, with no energy drops, naps or mind fog sabotaging potential in business and life

- Have the energy to maintain valuable relationships with their love ones, children and friend long after their ‘business’ in done

More than that… The journey is a fully inclusive, weekly coaching and mentoring experience....Where your results are a side effect of us optimising many areas of your life, that control all the results in your life.

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Learn more from guys like you, who are already enjoying these experiences now as Rapid Method Clients...

The RESULTS speak for themselves. I am in better shape now than when I got married over 10 years ago! ALL areas of my life have really improved, my business, my relationships and I FEEL GREAT… plus this is FUN. I enjoy the journey Darren helps me create. Taking care of you is the best INVESTMENT you can ever make

Adam  - Business Owner 
Shredded 30 lbs off in 12 weeks, achieved more than the previous 12 months.

Simply, i’ve unleashed the super focused, happier me, stress free. I feel I have CLONED myself 4 x over, this has had a massive shift on my business, in my relationships and with myself. Darren is THE GUY for busy guys like me, serious about performing at the highest level, in all aspect of business and life.

Transformed his body, unleashed his best self after years of feeling stuck

I was STUCK where I was, whilst busting my ass... Then came Darren. I WAS amazed at how simple his approach was using his application of science and optimisations to save me a bunch of time and headaches whilst FINALLY giving me massive returns of results for minimal time. EASY to implement I NOW HAVE THE STRONG, LEAN AND FIT body - at 40 - yet I LOOK 25! With a lifestyle thats my new norm. Better results in 12 weeks than 18 months busting my ass... figure out that ROI... whilst actually getting what I want for the long term.

Dr Nic  
Got UN-STUCK after years of busting has the lean fit body of his 25 year old self (at 40)

30lbs down in 8 weeks...I could not believe the transformation I was experiencing - neither could my wife and people I had not seen for a few months. They were blown away and so was I. After watching this happen to my friends who had worked with Darren, I was skeptical if this would work for me...12 months later... I am still easy maintaining the result's i had not experienced for over 10 years since my collage days! Investing in this area os my life is one of the best things i've done for myself. I thank god every day I found Darren to make this change simple.

Dr Ben  
Darren saved my life. Transformed how I eat and take care of myself forever.

I was busting my ass for 18 months with cross fit, paleo, etc etc. It sucked. I didn't enjoy it and I never got close to where I wanted to be. Then I connected with Darren. In 12 weeks he transformed the way I looked at everything, I not only got healthier, fit, string, super lean and super confident with my shirt off, I save a TON OF TIME. Man, I wish I found him sooner. I find the best, and I hire them, this is the best example of that if you're serious about making your experience stress free and simple.

Brian Horn 
I was fed up... 2 Years later I am STILL, at 40, in better shape than in my 20's. Thank You Darren.

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